Top 5 Metal Detectors

From the oldest times, people were obsessed with treasure hunting, and they still are even nowadays. If in the past, they had to work hard to discover relics and lost artifacts, nowadays they can choose from a wide variety of metal detectors. Metal detectors are electronic instruments, which are able to detect the presence of metal object nearby. They can find metal objects buried underground, or hidden within objects. The first metal detectors were developed in the 19th century, and since them people were constantly working to modernize and transform them in high tech-devices. In this way, developers managed to design devices which are able to discriminate between metals, because every one of them has a different phase response when they are exposed to alternating current. This feature allows them discriminate between undesirable metals, and valuable ones.

Initially metal detectors were used in scientific and industrial purposes, but in modern times, they come in a great number of models and they serve multiple uses. There are metal detectors, which are widely used in archaeology, to ease the process of finding artifacts, because some of them are quite hard to identify due to the passage of time. However, when people are not archaeologists, they are still trying to find valuable artifacts, and they use metal detectors to kind of disrupt the activities held on archaeological sites. Therefore, relic hunters also use metal detectors. Other category, which uses them, are the persons who are passionate to find lost metal object, and not necessarily artifacts. They use good metal detectors to find lost coins, jewelry, and valuable metals like copper, silver and gold. A special type of metal detectors is used in security screening.

Metal detectors are great devices, which allows people to spend their free time in a pleasant way, but there are many models on the market, every one of them suitable for a certain purpose. Here you will find listed 5 of the best metal detectors, suitable for being used by treasure hunters, and people passionate to find metal object in their free time.

1. Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector

This metal detector is one of the best sellers in the market. It features an extendable arm, is light weight and it is designed in all black. It makes the process of detecting a target easier, because it has a Digital Target ID, which is able to go from 0 to 99. The display features many push buttons that allow the user to change the settings in an easy way. The best advantage offered by Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector is that it comes with a great number of features and it is listed at an affordable price. This device features a high res iron discrimination function, which allows the user to set the wanted discrimination level to avoid picking up objects like rusted nails. What makes it different from the other devices is that is comes with an addition, the iron audio feature. Moreover, the last mention about this top metal detector is that it is set apart from its many competitors by the fact that the user is able to search with it in all types of areas, ocean, beach, desert, steam or rainforest.

2. Minelab Excalibur II Metal Detector

The well-known manufacturer Minelab Excalibur manufactures this model that it is able to produce great finding through years, and the users have no problems in finding the object they are looking for. One of his great features is that it emits different sound to notice the user when he founds an iron object, or when he discovered a good target. In addition, the user has the possibility to change the device sensitivity depending on the location. Minelab Excalibur II Metal Detector is able to detect metal items at large depth even on adverse ground conditions. Excalibur II can discriminate between different types of metals even if they are buried between junk and other valuables. What makes it different from the other top metal detectors is that Excalibur II is designed mainly for wet sand and water hunting, and it is seen as a divers’ detector. But, even if the manufacturer developed it to offer great results in this medium, it is great to be used in other area too, like dry sand. Minelab Excalibur II Metal Detector is functional at depths of up to 200 feet.

3. Bounty Hunter Platinum PRO

This is the latest metal detector launched by Bounty Hunter, and it has advanced features, which places it among the best devices from this line. The manufacturer done its best to create a device that features enhanced target identification and user friendly. The user can customize its programs according to his requirements. This device is able to detect metal objects located at great depths and it allows the user to carry it around all day long thanks to its lightweight, of only 1 KG. This metal detector is designed with the purpose to offer people a device, which offers great performance without having a complicated menu. It features an easy to read display, which can identify targets like screw caps, foil, iron, and nickels before the user starts to dig. The user is able to see the depth range of the target on the bottom of the display.

4. Fisher CZ-21 Metal Detector

This metal detector is the best metal detector on the market, which offers its user a fully loaded detecting experience. This device is designed for the persons who see metal hunting more than a hobby, and want underwater metal detectors, which can be used according to their specific settings. Fisher CZ-21 is seen as one of the most popular water detectors, and it is not designed for functioning only in salt of fresh water, it is able to handle transitions from one medium to another. What makes it different from the other professional metal detectors is that it uses dual frequency, which makes it better in exploring the depths of beaches and it will emit the signal faster than the others will. This device is suitable for being used by divers, because it can be used in any type of water, for up to 150 feet.

5. Bounty Hunter Gold Digger Metal Detector

This is one of the best metal detectors for entry-level persons, because even if it is a small device, it has some great features, which places it among the top metal detectors. The main feature, which makes it one of the treasure hunter’s favorite, is that it can be used on a large number of surfaces. People can use the filter function and find only the types of metals he is interested in. also, this device allows people to activate the trash function, which makes it able to discriminate between valuable objects and junk. Even if its name if Gold Digger, this device is able to detect all types of metal, and it can find objects located at depths from 2 feet to 6 inches. Because it was designed especially for beginners, this device is quite light, having only 2.2 lbs, so even children can carry it.