Bounty Hunter SS Sharpshooter II Review

If you are looking for a professional metal detector that can detect metals at bigger depths yet still remains within an affordable range, the Bounty Hunter SS Sharpshooter II is one of the best options available on the market!

Bounty Hunter SS Sharpshooter II Review

The Bounty Hunter SS Sharpshooter II is a professional metal detector that can go deeper than the one or two inches of regular models, yet still comes at a decent price. In addition, treasure seekers will appreciate its submersible features as well as its 8-inch detection system which will definitely make it an asset to all those eager to start looking for buried treasures. Naturally, the product has different modes that users can select and comes with a free online user manual which buyers can download easily.

At a first glance the product might seem quite complicated to use, but after reading the instructions manual and practicing a little, you get the hang of it pretty fast. The device actually works better on wet soil, because it detects metals considerably deeper.

Main features (Read Full Specs)

  • 8-inch search coil and up to 5 feet deep underground range;
  • Submersible, making it perfect for those who live around the sea and want to find items buried underwater;
  • Operates on two 9-volt alkaline batteries;
  • LCD touch pad where it displays the nature of the metal so that you don’t have to dig before;
  • Built-in speaker;
  • 5 year warranty.

The pros of the Sharpshooter

It is submersible

Without doubt, the fact that it is submersible makes it an asset for those who are interested in looking for metals in shallow water. There are so many great items that one can find at the seaside, on busy beaches and it is easily understandable why having a submersible feature can come in handy.

Detects precious metals

Even though one might think that this is what metal detectors are made for in the first place, many amateur models actually have problems in detecting gold and silver, which is pretty much what you want it to find. Well, with the Bounty Hunter SS Sharpshooter II you will definitely not have any problems in finding your lost jewelry or finding other lost jewelry items for that matter.

Ground Technology

This feature allows the user to adjust the activity of the detector depending on the type of terrain they are using it on. This product can actually be used on almost any type of terrain, from sandy to rocky without any problems.

The fact that you can set it to reject certain metals

One of the problems that many metal detector users complain about is the fact that they always end up digging various nails or other items that are not very valuable. One of the coolest aspects about this particular product is that it can actually be set to only identify certain metals, thus saving the user of a lot of hassle. Essentially, users will have to set the machine in Disc Notch mode and finetune it from there.

It displays the depth of the identified metals

This way you have an approximate of how much you need to dig and you don’t run the risk of missing the metal you have identified or being misled in any way.

The cons of the Sharpshooter

Beginners may have a harder time understanding the how to use this metal detector. For this, they will have to read the instructions carefully and maybe even watch a few tutorials online.

The long shaft is not adjustable

Some users have found that the LCD display is not very clear, even when looking directly into it, but this could be influenced by the amount of light outside. Still, it can be a bit uncomfortable.


The Bounty Hunter SS Sharpshooter II is quite the upgrade from your average metal detector, but can still have its shortcomings. If you are experienced in using these devices and you are only looking for something that can detect metals better than the device you already own or something that can be used underwater, this is definitely a great buy. However, some users have detected a slight chatter when using the device in Notch or Discriminate mode, but aside from that the overall results can be considered satisfying.

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